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        Example: T: The arcade wasn’t very busy at that time in the morning. (how busy)
                S1: Ask me how busy the arcade was at that time in the morning. 
                S2: How busy was the arcade at that time in the morning?
                S1: It wasn’t very busy. / It was almost empty.
        1. Mr. Taylor owns a jewellery shop. (what kind of shop)
        2. Two assistants had been working busily since eight o’clock. 
        3. the silence was broken when a large car roared down the arcade. (how)
        4. The thieves smashed the window of the shop with iron bars. (who)
        5. Mr. Taylor was upstairs at the time. (where)
        6. The thief didn’t notice any pain because he was helping himself to diamonds.(why)
        7. They had got away with thousands of pounds worth of diamonds. (how much)
        Example: T: People who live in Britain needn’t despair when they destroy money by mistake. (who)
                S1: Ask me who needn’t despair when they destroy money by mistake.
                S2: Who needn’t despair when destroy money by mistake?
                 S1: People who live in Britain.
        1. the Mutilated Ladies Department deals with claims for money. (what)
        2. John runs a furniture business. (what kind of business)
        3. he put his wallet into the microwave oven. (where)
        4. He had forgotten to tell his fiancée about this. (who)
        5. Jane cooked their dinner in the microwave oven. (what)
        6. The bank manager sent the remains to Newcastle. (where)
        7. John went to see his bank manager. (who)
        8. They could identify the notes by examining the remains. (how)
        Example: T: The Great St. Bernard Pass connects Switzerland to Italy. (which pass)
                S1: Ask me which pass connects Switzerland to Italy.
                S2:Which pass connects Switzerland to Italy?
                S1: The Great St. Bernard Pass.
        1. The St. Bernard Pass is the highest pass in Europe. (which)
        2. The monastery was founded in the eleventh century. (when)
        3. St. Bernard dogs have saved the lives of travelers for hundreds of years. (how long)
        4. The Pass is less dangerous now because a tunnel has been built through the mountains. (why)
        5. The dogs were bought from Asia. (where)
        6. A few people cross the Pass in winter. (how many)
        7. The Skiers receive a warm welcome. (what kind of welcome)
        Example: T: Cats can be friendly and affectionate towards humans. (which animals)
                S1: Ask me which animals can be friendly and affectionate towards humans. 
                S2: Which animals can be friendly and affectionate towards humans. 
                S1: Cats. (can)
        1. Most cats remain suspicious of humans all their lives (how long)
        2. Cats have nine lives. (how many)
        3. One cat suffered from a broken tooth. (what)
        4. Cats behave like well-trained paratroopers. (how)
        5. They stretch their legs out while falling. (what)
        6. Flying squirrels also do this while falling. (what other animals)
        7. They reach speeds of 60 miles an hour and more. (what speed)
        8. This reduces the shock of impact. (what)
        Example: T: The Titanic left Southampton on April 10th, 1912. (when)
                S1: Ask me when the Titanic left Southampton?
                S2: When did the Titanic leave Southampton?
                S1: On April 10th, 1912.
        1. The Titanic was carrying 1316 passengers. (how many)
        2. She was regarded as unsinkable because she had sixteen watertight compartments. (why)
        3. The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be remembered. (what)
        4. An iceberg was spotted by a lookout. (what)
        5. The ship turned sharply to avoid a direct collision. (why)
        6. Nobody realized the ship had been damaged because the noise had been so faint. (why not)
        7. Fifteen hundred lives were not. (how many)
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