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        2013年06月09日 16:10
        Resource Planning Manager: Assessment of Suitability for Home-based Working
        The purpose of this report is to assess the suitability of my position as Resource Planning Manager for home-based working.
        My working pattern and that of my colleagues varies from week to week. During certain periods a large proportion of my time is spent doing fieldwork. This is followed by office-based work collating and recording the data collected. Once the results have been recorded, I proofread the colour copies of all reports and maps.
        As regards communication with colleagues, department meetings are held once a fortnight. At all other times, the individual members of the team communicate either face-to-face or by phone, depending on their location. Apart from official meetings, the same results can be achieved whether I am in the office or working elsewhere.
        It is clear that I would be able to undertake the same duties while working from home for a large proportion of my time. Clearly, some days would be spent in the office for face-to-face communication with colleagues. It would also be necessary to use the technical facilities of the office at times. However, in order to be able to work effectively from home, I would need to be provided with a networked computer and printer.
        I would suggest that I should be given the necessary equipment to work partially from home for a trial period. After this time, further consultation should take place in order to reassess the situation.
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