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        2013年06月09日 16:12
            1. begin with pleasant comments that will draw the reader's attention and make him receptive to the problem and its solution.
            2. present evidence for your claim after establishing the initial agreement; be sure to offer the convincing proof.
            3. include all necessary data such as date, place, people involved, policy, and other relevant information. in stating the facts, be sure not to make unsubstantiated assertions.
            4. place yourself in a good position to counter possible objections to the adjustment request.
            5. state exactly what you expect after explaining why you expect it.
            6. be sure to use a courteous and logical tone in writing the whole letter. in requesting the adjustment, you can appeal to your reader's sense of fair play, to a desire of customer goodwill, to need for a good reputation, and also to a sense of legal or moral obligations.
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