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        考試時間:90分鐘 滿分:120分
        Name(姓名):       Score(得分):_________
        (一) 聽力部分(20分)
        1. A. beach      B. pea      C. bean
        2. A. watch      B. wash      C. watches
        3. A. kite       B. ride      C. read
        4. A. please      B. plane      C. play
        5. A. woman     B. women     C. man
        6. A. lamp      B. lemon     C. lemonade
        7. A. shirt      B. sock      C. skirt
        8. A. basketball    B. baseball     C. badminton
        9. A. talk       B. tell       C. take
        10. A. wall       B. water      C. what
        1. A. I’m eight.    B. I’m a boy.       C. I’m singing.
        2. A. I like playing.   B. I like playing basketball. C. I likemangoes.
        3. A. She’s sleeping.  B. He’s sleeping.      C. The pen is yellow.
        4. A. There are four.  B. There is a pen.      C. They are green.
        5. A. Thank you!    B. No, I don’t.       C. Yes, I can.
        eat(現在分詞)     write (現在分詞)      tall (反義詞)
        peach(復數)      potato (復數)
        1.     2.      3.      4.      5.
        6.     7.      8.     9.     10.
        五. 選擇填空。(20分)
        1. Look! She is    milk.
        A. drink  B. drinking C. drinks
        2. I like    tabletennis.
        A. play  B. playing  C. go
        3. Your pen is red,    mineis green.
        A. and  B. to  C. but
        4. —How old is your father? —   .
        A. a boy  B. She’s 35.  C. He’s 35.
        5. I    abeautiful girl.
        A. is  B. are C. am
        6. —How many    arethere?
        —There are three.
        A. girl  B. book  C. boys
        7. Do you like   ?
        A. swim  B. swiming C. swimming
        8. Today is    Day,Ben gets up very early.
        A. Children’s  B.Children  C. children’s
        9. I    sing,but I can’t   .
        A. can, sing   B. can, dancing  C. can, dance
        10. I    fourpencils.
        A. am   B.have   C. has
        11. —Happy birthday, Peter! —
        A. Thank you! B. Happybirthday! C. That’s OK.
        12. —Do you like black? —Yes,   .
        A. I am  B. I do C. I don’t
        13. —What is she   ?
        —She is reading abook.
        A. do  B. doing c. does
        14. Dad! They    myfriends!
        A. is  B. am C. are
        15. It’s a nice day,    it?
        A. Yes  B. No C. isn’t
        16. —Can I ask you a question? —   .
        A. That’s OK.  B. Yes, please!  C. I’m sorry.
        17. What books do you like   ?
        A. read  B. reads C. reading
        18. —How do you    turtle?
        A. draw  B. write C. spell
        19. What    beautifulcake!
        A. an  B. the C. a
        20. —Who’s your favorite person?
        —   .
        A. Dog  B. My mother  C. Colour
        1.—What w   youlike?
        —I would like aburger.
        2.—How are you?
        —I’m fine, thank y   !
        3.She is my best f   .
        4.—What’s your favorite s   ?
        —I like playing badminton.
        5.There i   ateacher in the classroom.
        1.friend, your, who’s, best
        2.they, kicking, a ball, are
        3.what, Li Tong, is, doing
        4.do, you, what colour, like
        5.can, she, fly, kite, a
        Ⅰ                 Ⅱ
        1.What’s your name?           A. Yes, I can.
        2.What can you see?           B. It’s green.
        3.Can you swim?            C. My name is Tom.
        4.Do they like bananas?          D. He is 13.
        5.How old is Peter?            E. Yes, they do.
        6.Which colour do you like best?      F.May is playing tennis.
        7.Who is playing tennis?          G.The girls are dancing.
        8.What colour is the tree?         H. I often watch TV.
        9.What are the girls doing?         I. Ilike purple best.
        10.What do you often do on Children’s Day?  J. Ican see a bird.
        This is a picture of Jim’sbedroom. It is not a nice room but it’s big. A football is under his chair. Hisdesk is behind the door and it’s brown. We can see some books on the desk. Hismath books are in his school bag. The bag is on the wall.
        1. Where is his football? It’s   .
        A. under thechair  B. on the chair    C. behind the door
        2. Whose bedroom is this? It’s   .
        A. Jim’s   B. Tom’s   C. Tim’s
        3. What colour is his desk? It’s   .
        A. white  B. yellow  C. brown
        4. Where are the math books? They’re   .
        A. under thepicture    B. in the classroom   C. in the school bag
        5. Which one is TRUE (正確的)?    .
        A. Jim’s bedroom is small.
        B. Jim’s bedroom is big.
        C. Jim’s bedroom is nice.
        Hello! I’m Mary. I’m eleven yearsold. My last name is Grace. I’m an English (英國) student. I have aChinese (中國) teacher. Her name is JiangHong. Her telephone is 218-9176. My phone number is 766-3725. I like yellow,but I don’t like blue.
        1. How old is Mary?
        A. 11    B. 12    C. 13
        2.Mary doesn’t like_______.
        A. blue   B. yellow  C. white
        3. What’s Mary’s last name?
        A. Mary   B.Grace   C. I don’t know
        4. What’s the telephone number of Mary’steacher?
        A. 281-3725  B. 766-9176   C. 281-9176
        5. Is Mary a Chinese student?
        A. No, she isn’t.  B. Yes, she is. C. Yes, it is.
        Look, this is my best friend.
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