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        1.hear from 2.have a look 3.in the world 4.thousands of 5.be busy doing
        6. 踢足球 7.在他回家的路上 8.準備做某事 9.吃早飯 10.上學遲到
        1.How tall are you? a. It’s made of cotton.
        2.Can we go fishing tomorrow? b. OK. Let’s go.
        3.Do you like your job? c. It might rain in the afternoon.
        4.Where did you go this morning? d. I’m 158 metres tall.
        5.Shall we go to the park? e. Yes, of course.
        6.Where have you been? f. I went to the post office.
        7.What’s your coat made of? g. I was watching TV.
        8.When was the Great Wall built? h. It was first built 2500 years ago .
        9.Why are you taking an umbrella? i. Yes, I do.
        10.What were you doing at 7:00 j. To the beach
        yesterday evening.
        1.We have already done our homework.(一般疑問句)
        2.He is young. He can’t go to school.(用too…to連成一句)
        3.She planted some pear trees last spring.(被動語態)
        4.The cows were eating grass quietly.(否定句)
        5.They have seen the film yesterday.(用She做主語)
        go goes going went gone
        When people meet each other for the first time in Britain, they say “How do you do?” and shake hands(握手). Usually they do not shake hands when they just meet or say goodbye. But they shake hands after they haven’t met for a long time or when they will be away from each other for a long time.
        Last year a group of German students went to England for a holiday. Their teacher told them that the English people hardly shake hands. So when they met their English friends at the station, they kept their hands behind their backs. The English students had learned that the Germans shake hands as often as possible, so they put their hands in front and got ready to shake hands with them. It made both of them laugh.
        1.It is     if you know the language and some of the customs of the country.
        A .not useful  B. not helpful  C. very helpful  D. very bad
        2.English people usually shake hands when they     .
        A. meet every time         B. meet for the first time
        C. say goodbye to each other    D. say hello to each other
        3.Usually English people don’t shake hands     .
        A. when they will be away for a long time
        B. when they say “How do you do?”
        C. when they just meet or say goodbye
        D. after they haven’t met for a long time
        4.Which is right?
        A. German people shake hands as often as possible.
        B. English people like shaking hands very much.
        C. German people hardly shake hands.
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